LOOKING for GOOD martial art Mocaps (BVH) files, Please SHARE!!!

I’m looking for some really good martial art motion captures (BVH) files. Does anybody here have, and is willing to share with me? I have downloaded the [SIZE=2][SIZE=3]Daz-friendly BVH files[/SIZE][/SIZE] from the Carnegie Mellon University but they don’t have all the martial art actions i need.


OSU has some BVH files as well if you goolgle that university.

Thanks for your reply Atom! I tried them already! I was able to use some of the BVH files there but most have bad hip problem that need to be corrected. I spent 3 months trying to figure out a solution to fixing the hip but had no luck. I downloaded every bvh editor and ran scripts to repair the hip problem but still no luck. I did email them to find out what program they are using and they said Motion builder but that’s to expensive for me to try.

Yeah, in general, BVH is still kind of a pipe dream (at least in my experience). You are better off just spending your time learning how to animate a character rather than seeking out an automagic solution for characters.

Have you tried any of the Mocap Tools that come with Blender? Maybe if you retarget the BVH into your final rig, the Hip problem might be diminished?

Yea the bad hip problem gets copied over when you re-target. Farther more, the orientation of the bones, both in Edit mode and pose mode is bad. so after retagteing your mesh looks horrible.