Looking for Good Real Life People Tutorials

Hi All,

I’m looking to do my first real person type project. I’m fairly new to Blender but know my way around a fair bit of it already.

I’ve found some tutorials on character modelling in general but would like to get some more recommended tutorials on creating more life like characters.

Preferably free as this is more of hobby but I’d be more than happy to pay for one if it’s really good and relevant. I’ve found this one which is frankly a bargain so I’m probably going to start with this one but it’s not really targeted at achieving the kind of end result I’m looking to get.

Any links would be really appreciated.


How about this one?

This tutorial is honestly quite difficult to watch, but actually is very good for beginners in character modeling. I’ve mostly done environment art for the past four years or so, and just recently started getting more into it, and this helped quite a bit. Now I mostly just retopolize from sculpts, but it’s still valid.