looking for good tutorial on animatoin

i just read the tutorial in the reference guide and it did not help. my animations still wont work.(well i can make a box move and rotate, but when i tried to make my simple char change poses it wont work.) so could you either suggest a tutorial or just help me?

ok first off the easiest way to animate a character is to turn on auto keyframing for armatures. Go to the top bar (file, edit, add, etc.). Where the top bar is seperated from the 3D view a little 2 sided arrow cursor will appear. click and pull down. this reveals a hidden window. go to the edit methods and look for a button the says “Action” click that. What this does is whenever u move a bone and left click to confirm the move, it automatically inserts a key frame. that should help

it should work. could you be more specific as to where you are going wrong?