Looking for great animators!


I am looking for great animators. Anybody, anybody really!! :slight_smile:

I am hiring for jimhap Animation Studios (JAS). Yes, I know, it’s named after me…?

But, we have been looking for more people.
At JAS, we make quite a bit of things…

FROM movies… to games too!
We even cater to clients too… sometimes!
(which also means $$$ :wink: )

So basically, if you want to join, we welcome anyone in.

Since we are a busy group, we actually need to see that you are really doing something.

Prior to joining, you will be given a task to prove that you can meet deadlines.
There is a quote:
“Work may wait, but nature will not.”
That’s another way of saying - the world will go on without you.

When replying (and signing up), be sure to put it in this format:

Time you have every week to model:
Time you have per day to model:
Blender Experience (ANIMATION) (1-100):
Blender Experience (GAME)(1-100):

Can you meet deadlines? (Yes/No):

Skills (List below, with rating between 1-10 on expertness at the skill):


Time you have every week to model: 8 hrs
Time you have per day to model: 1 hr
Blender Experience (ANIMATION) (1-100): 89
Blender Experience (GAME)(1-100): 60

Can you meet deadlines? (Yes/No):

Skills (List below, with rating between 1-10 on expertness at the skill):
Modeling (6)
Game Design (7)
Armatures (Char movement) (7)
Physics (9)
Soft body/Cloth (5)
Texturing (5)
… etc

Well, that’s all.
We’re looking forward to having your skills at JAS! :slight_smile:

Any questions? PM me or reply to this thread. :slight_smile:


we get “help wanted” requests quite a bit here,
so could you post a bit more information…

how big your studio is?
what work have you done, what clients you have?
how much you are willing to pay for the job…

… that sort of things.



I am using Blender from last 3 years. I have completed some commercial animations also with Blender. Some of my links you can see in my signature.
Free Download 16 Movies created with Blender. http://kkrawal7.googlepages.com/index.html

Google found this: http://www.vimeo.com/2246371 which led to http://jas.alossoft.us.to/index.html

Ditto on what basse said. Sounds nice but you should try to sell yourself and back it up with some examples of experience.

basse is correct - we need to view your creditials too.



Regarding experience - I have done a very short movie for a client located in Canada.
I also have done a 3D advertising for a Chinese company.

It is a small animation studio located in the US. Currently I have no demo reel.

We get pay by the client! :slight_smile:
I ususally do it for fun - well, animating is fun, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Hopefully you will consider joining JAS! :slight_smile:


I have also made a game too.

@kkrawal: I have PMed you! Thanks for joining!