Looking for gun models (with WIP proof)

People are always asking for FPS, and I thought I’d go a bit further than Social’s FPS_Template and show how much work it takes to get any decent player movement/controls and some decent gameplay.

–>> That said, I’m not an artist, so I’m asking for any gun models that anyone would like to contribute to this. Textured would be preferable, but no rigging or logic is nesecary. Also, any alien enemies would be helpful too. I have one, but more would be great. Preferably rigged/animated/textured, but just a model will work. I WILL GIVE FULL CREDIT TO THE MAKERS OF ANY SUBMITTED WORK (of course). <<–

I’m already using (and giving full credit to) blenderage’s USP pistol and (I believe) Martinish’s shotgun from his FPS_template mod.

This is to show what I’ve done so far:
-> fully rigged, animated, and logicked pistol
-> fully functioning gun swap system (keeps all gun data intact)
-> fully functioning dual-weild system

Screenshots don’t show much as this is a programming file, but…

picking up a gun:



swap gun (doesn’t really show much):

Thank you SO MUCH for any help! I really appreciate it!!


P.S. – I won’t be able to check this for a couple days most likely :frowning:

Sweet! I might make a zombie for you…

A zombie would be pretty cool. Hey, if you need some sort of tileable texture for it. I’ll throw one together in a couple of minutes, I need to practice my newfound talent.

Turin: Uh, as I’m the one on the receiving end this is kinda bossy of me, but…I’m thinking more like halo aliens (regardless of Microsoft I am still a fan). I get really tired of the whole “zomie craze”. Nothing personal of course. :slight_smile:


Cant you just use a monkey?