Looking for help baking

So I’m on the home stretch of my animation, only a few more scenes to go. however this one is quite dark, has a lot of small assets that go unnoticed if samples are under 1000. Would be fine if my animation for this scene wasn’t going to be 20+ seconds. So I thought I’d try baking.

Followed this method; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_9CJw7Hf4c&t=237s

AND it doesn’t work.

I do however get a tiny little square with a very nicely baked image, not the whole thing.

For reference it’s an interior scene and because of the textures used I had to scale the UV islands WAY up so as things like the floor tiles didn’t look gigantic. and I can’t seem to find a way to change the image size that doesn’t pull my UV with it. Am I beyond help with getting this to work, or is there an easier way? I really don’t want to set my computer on fire praying that a 96 hour render will work properly.

This is probably your issue, right here. If the UV’s don’t fit in the square (the 0-1 uv space) that’s why it isn’t working. You can, however, make a second UV map to bake to and then use that UV map for your render.

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Okay, so when I do that my textures are massive, I must be missing something

Ok, show me how you mapped the textures and the UV layouts or toss up a blend (you can use http://pasteall.org/blend/)

http://pasteall.org/blend/index.php?id=49702 here we go, I will warn you now it’s a real mess. I had applied a bevel modifier BEFORE I realized I’d run into this XD short of remodelling the whole thing I’m hoping it can be saved.

Now it makes sense. You don’t have a texture coordinate or mapping node on your textures.

Like this:

Gotcha, I don’t usually use them. I will now though, thanks.

Wait, would my ham-fisted plebean method of texture scaling also cause a circular dependency error?

not that I can think of. Probably somewhere in your node trees? Circular node dependencies tend to be highlighted. It’s also possible you have an issue in your process causing a UV conflict since there’s more than one UV map. You have to tell the textures which UV map to use if you’re using more than one.

You’ll get a circular dependency if the texture you’re trying to bake is connected in a node graph. Just disconnect it while baking.

Good to know, thanks. So I’ve made the necessary changes, believe me was no quick process thanks to my hastily applied bevel.

Baked the image, and most of it looks good, however some parts are just solid black and some solid white, is it an image resolution issue I’m encountering?

Also the baked image just appears black in rendered view when connected to an emission shader. Any ideas?

I’ve adjusted everything accordingly, employed some new textures made everything manifold and manually removed the bevel modifier. And it’s looking pretty okay minus some artifacting in the reflections

You can see toward the bottom left the reflection of the brazier is on the floor, there’s a seam which is pretty clear because the next bit of floor is reflecting the bit of floor next to it. I’m pretty sure this is due to that piece being an ngon instead of multiple quads, can anyone confirm?

PS; it’s dark due to only being 1500 samples, I had to render this in a pinch

PPS; normals are all facing the right way too. Just thought I’d include that. I made it a habit of keeping the normal sticks on when modelling