Looking for help on my first person rpg game

Game Name: No idea
Type: First person rpg (hopefully like oblivion)
Time Zone: Med-evil duh
I need: animators

Basically i need help because i fail at animating, i have allot of good models that are textured and look amazing but they need to be animated. If you want to help reply :wink:

This is my first post i think so ppl plz dont troll

Post a couple of pics of the models. That will hook alot of people (If they are good)


these might not be the best, well i think there good, but then again i am a “Noob”


The horse looks great! Would you consider joining my project? (Krypton) I could use modeling/texturing skill like that…


No thanks, i think i’m gona try to finish my first project first… first?

Magnificent modeling and texturing. You’re more than a noob as long as those models aren’t ripped. :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: i assure you they are not, but do any of you want to help me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll help you if you help me… :smiley:

I’m in. So basically you just want animating? PM me.