Looking for help on node setup for this effect.

Hi there. I’m new so I hope I’m not doing this incorrectly. I downloaded an XnaLara model and I usually use Cycles to render it instead of XnaLara because I like the extra control over the materials. However, I can’t figure out how to get this specific effect.

This is what it looks like in XnaLara:

Any ideas on how this would be achievable in blender? Mainly that it looks like glitter, but also that only where light hits is shiny blue glitter(?) and the rest would be black. Any help is appreciated and I’ll try anything at this point as I’m desperate. Thanks for reading!

Here is the easy solution - change her dress :slight_smile: Glitter/glints are not supported, and the current hacks I’m guessing wouldn’t give a good enough effect. Search for glints though if you want to give it a try anyway. I’m rendering metallic glints at home atm as a test, but so far if I want visible concentric rings around the highlight (lowering the voronoi pattern size) it gets too “noisy” in flat areas also catching the light. With higher numbers this gets much cleaner but now the concentric rings disappear.

So basically, there exist sort of a hack, but it’s far from perfect. I’ll give it a try when I get home, but I don’t think it will look good.

Well, I did give it a go, but results were too crappy to share anything, sorry. Do you have a proper model I could try it on, with the lighting in mind? I might try a bumped diffuse with dense varying voronoi that changes with viewing angle instead of glossy glinthack.

Well, as I said it’s an XNALara model, I have a plugin to take it straight to Blender. I could export it as an obj if you’d like.