Looking for help to get this cartoon series in production

I created this a few years back and got one 11-minute episode done and started work on a couple more. But then ran out of steam. Now I’m determined to get it going again. The stuff I did was mostly good but there were a few spots that really needed some attention. I used (and will use again) a motion capture setup for the body. I also made a face and hand rigs for capture. I think the face capture did me in. I just couldn’t get it to sync well with the voices. So my plan is to redo the motion capture where it’s needed and also do the face lip sync from scratch. So if I could get some help, I think it could be a really cool little cartoon.

I have an account on KidsScreen that I can put the finished episode and then hopefully get some attention from distributors.

I really need to have a minimum of 6 episodes to be considered by a distributor. I have 3 scripts and ideas for more. But one thing at a time. I could use help with the animations, and also maybe some character modeling. I have tons of assets. I use Blender 2.79b because none of the newer Blenders work on any of my PCs.

No pay, but if it gets picked up by a distributor, then we can all get paid!

Also here’s a link to a promo video I did back in 2014. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cyU39NWQTs

Let me know if you can help!
David Lindsley