Looking for help to properly setup and import svgs to blender

Looking to hire someone to direct me to properly setting up the blender ui for importing svgs . I have no interest in shading or modelling. The goal here is to import svgs, scale and rotate them to my liking and then properly render them to various formats such as pdf, png and the obvious 3D formats.

The 4 areas I need covered are as follows: Import an svgs file; Expand and rotate the file to its original size at output; Render the file properly by the blender standard; Set up the UI so that it is best for my specific needs and other simple questions regarding proper procedure. This is not for internet and time is important.

Fee offered is $100 / 2 hours.

Also be advised that if I have another series of questions you will be consulted first.

Thank you.

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hello i sent you a PM please check it out! Thanks Regards Chris.