Looking for help UV Mapping 2 small objects.


This is my first time posting on the forums. I am an artist and am working on an piece that I will be presenting in about a month from now. I’m a bit of a novice at Blender, but am including some small 3D prints in my work - more detail fixtures or quick-fixes to both manufactured and constructed objects. In that they’re not very large, specific, or complicated. I’m hoping to find a bit of help making these objects that I am working on. The objects are some that I’ve downloaded from Thingverse - They are .stl files. One is a furniture foot, and one is a drawer handle.

I’m pretty aspecific about the whole thing, I just would like to have each object wrapped in the base texture that i’ll provide. I imagine that for someone with a bit more experience than myself it’d be pretty painless.I’ll send over the PSD and STLs in a zip via email if someone is williing to volunteer.

Thanks very much in advance!

Hello ac_f!

By the looks of it no-one has replied yet. Your request doesn’t sound too hard.

As I understand it, you have two objects that need UV unwrapping (in .stl files) and a texture file then needs to be applied. I don’t have experience with 3-D printing, but I do have experience UV unwrapping simple objects so if that’s all you want I should be able to help.

I will PM (private message) you my e-mail address.