Looking for help with 12 frames of VFX in a Short Film!


Thank you for opening this topic.

Why Volunteers
First and foremost, I want to start by saying that everyone who worked on this short film did so in a voluntary capacity. I really value being transparent, especially as artists who have been exploited by this industry a number of times before. If one person gets paid, everyone should get paid. We’re a registered non profit, and work with international charities on short, feature and television pictures.

The Film
The film is called “TOG”, a short 20 minute film which explores a young aspiring male model who finds his way in a influential photographers’ penthouse apartment, and slowly progresses to discomforting levels. It’s based on the lead actor’s life story, and along with screenwriters he collaborated on the written project to ensure it was as responsible and accurate to life as possible.

The Gig
12 frames (yes, that’s right, only 12) of an object removal and replacement. I suppose this next bit is moderately NSFW due to the subject, so please feel free to leave if this isn’t for you. Essentially, there was a really quick moment where the lead’s ‘modesty pouch’ (a little bag which protects anything unwanted being shown) can be seen in frame. After a lot of discussion we all agreed the best solution was to keep the scene in the film as it was the best take, and do some digital trickery to insert a CGI penis in its place.

What We Have
I tried to do the VFX myself, as we are working on no budget I thought this would be the only way around it. I’ve managed to have a relatively decent go of it, but I’m absolutely no expert and would love someone’s support in getting this right. I’ve tried manually tracking it (kind of works), as well as Mocha tracking (works really well), and I have all the assets you could wish for. This includes:

  • 4K ‘plate’ of the footage in .MXF (12 frames - 1/2 a second)
  • Digital prosthetics and hi-res models if required

I fully appreciate this is probably one of the strangest requests or topics on this site, but any help, support or advice would be massively appreciated.

You can check out our other work (to make sure we’re legit) right here.

Thank you,

Gage Oxley
[email protected]