Looking for help with a project

Ello everyone, this is the first time ive posted on these forums. I was looking around on here, and it seems like it’s jammed full of talented modelers, and that’s exactly what we need more of. Im part of Interkarma’s Daggerfall Workshop, remaking an RPG from 1996 called Daggerfall. We’ve got talented programmers, and people with basic enough understanding to do random objects and buildings, but no one with a good understanding of modeling humans or monsters or anything like that. And that’s why ive come here… Im looking for anyone that enjoyed that game, or anyone that just wants to help out with our project. If you wouldnt mind helping in anyway, either PM me or visit our site (the forum would probably be more helpful).

the site: http://interkarma.dfworkshop.net/
the forum: http://forums.dfworkshop.net/

-Arctus 8)