Looking for help with base rigging a game model


(Thomas Toft) #1

i am looking for help trying to set up a custom made skeleton for a game unit (For xcom 2) that i have made the concept sculpt for, but my skills with setting up something like that are more or less non existing as i am very new to stuff like this. I have done custom animations before / edited existing animations and i know how to add custom / more bones to existing skeletons

examples of one of my animations here https://streamable.com/khmug (can only post 2 links apparently)

so i am thinking I got this part down (somewhat)

the model i sculpted is here https://imgur.com/a/RnOJq

i have tried on and off for a few months trying to set up a rig for this but have to admit i actually dont have the skill to do that yet…

I´ve tried watching youtube videos on setting this up myself, but after 6+ failed attempts (i am REALLY new to rigging) i have to throw in the towel and actually ask for help with this project.

anyone in here that would be able to provide some help / guidance on how you would set this up for animations?