Looking for High-Poly vehicle modeller

Hello Artists,
I am looking for a high poly vehicle modeller from blueprints, for a videogame project.
Its about the mesh, not the shading.
The vehicles will be props and not drivable.
If you’re interested, let me know.
You dont need to do low poly, just high poly modelling.
No, of course not.
Its a blender game, we have no money.

Thomas Kole


No sorry mate, this is just a blender game, we have no money!

maybe :slight_smile: are they decent blueprints?

ok. attempt in future to reject the use of ‘just’ :slight_smile: if it’s ‘just’ another blender game… who will care?
sell it brother! get me interested!

Hey Zeffii,
Yes the blueprints are decent, just existing vehicles and not imaginary.
You decide whether its “Just” a videogame, or a special one :slight_smile:


Paid? No, of course not. Its a blender game, we have no money.
It’s a labor, it’s not for free. Even Blender Foundation gets some using donations system mostly to hire professional programmers to extend this piece of software.
Hi-poly requires a lot of skill and patience, I don’t think you will get any qualified support here.

just existing vehicles and not imaginary

And you will get sued over that. You need to buy a license for specific manufacturers designs to be able include existing models of cars/weapons/technics in your game.

@Agent_AL: you can get away with modelling from blueprints if you don’t do it too precisely and use another name. Many racing games do that.

Anyway, it’s a time consuming task to make hi-poly car models.
Having someone do it according to your own specifications is a little demanding, why not try to see if anyone would have a readymade model that would fit your needs? Many more people are willing to share old models, rather than make a new one just for you.

I agree with Jorzi…But check out some of my works at www.twisteddesigns3d.webs.com and see if what I do is too your liking. I also have alot of other projects so if you decide to have me do anything you will have to be patient and wait for me to get to them as my time allows.