Looking for ideas for modeling video topics

I am thinking about making a 3D modeling video series. The series will explore the concepts and techniques around creating a model. There are already a lot of great videos that explain specific techniques, but I’d prefer to focus on the “bigger questions”, if you will, like “Why is retopology a useful process (or is it)?". As such, these videos should stand independent of what kind of software someone would use (though I intend on using Blender for the demonstrations).

I have some thoughts about what to cover, but I’m curious to know what you folks would like to see as well. What kind of videos are hard to find? Are there any videos you haven’t seen done well (not that I’ll do any better, but I’ll give it a go if I think I can)? Would you like any concepts explained, like edge flow or polygonal count? Are there any modeling techniques/processes/workflows that you find really interesting? Are there any concepts that are maybe a bit too complex that you’d like parsed and explained?

I’m polling other sites as well, so if you have any forums that would be good to ask this question of, that would be immensely helpful as well. I only know a few, and I suspect there are far more than I’m aware of.

Thank you in advance! I’m not trying to be intrusive, so if I’ve posted this question in the wrong place, please let me know.