Looking for Image Texture shader with built in controls

Controls like Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, cropping, etc.

Any ideas?


Build yourself a custom NODE for your shaders…

Using this example and the Tutorial you could build one very easily…

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Thanks so much. I’ll give it a try

I guess I should have said “Looking for Image Texture Node”

Hoping to find one… might have to make one

Yes that’s the idea. Bundle the nodes you need under a node group and expose the properties you need, and voilà

Again, I may not be describing it correctly…

Ya know how the “Principled BSDF node” looks? There are ~23 controls on that shader.

What if the “Image Texture node” was more like that?

Take what exists and create a “Principled Image Texture node”…? In python.

What kind of functions would you add to such a node ?

… from original post…

As in exactly which features to include ? it’s not obvious because you can do anything to an RGB image, including managing its coordinates. I expect this would have to make sense in all workflows to be considered for inclusion. What is a “general-purpose texture node group” precisely… after all the principled bsdf is tailored for plausibleness and artistic control, but what do either of these mean in the context of a texture ?
I’m not sure it is any better than grouping a bunch of nodes of your own, but I could be off, since I haven’t used such a thing before
After Effects shows a bunch of controls by default for any source media iirc ?

It seems that I usually add a Brightness/Contrast or Hue/Saturation node whenever I add an Image Texture node. It just would be nice to - at least - have those adjustments available in the Texture node.

That is the whole idea behind the Video…it explains HOW to create that custom node you want…and I gave you an example of how to set up the shader to use in creating that node…or to say it in a simpler way …

Unless of course, you are hoping to find a pre-made one that suits your every need or have someone make it for you.

I was able to give it a try, and it will do for now…

Wish I could expose the file selector.

Right now it’s a Brightness/Contrast node, a Hue/Saturation node and a Principled BSDF node.

Good enough I guess.

Thank you for your help

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Try this…
Custom-Node.blend (902.4 KB)

Thank you for your example!

It is pretty much the same as the one I made.

I didn’t think of bumps and normals.

Again, thanks!

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