looking for integrated rendering solution

I have tried yafray, but it’s just too slow, and results can take a while to achieve smoothness. Is there any other renderer for blender which is integrated in the same way as yafray which is any good for GI renders? :o

Newbie out.

Not yet… you’ll have to wait past 2.50 or later for the render API.

speed is more a question of processor power so if you want speed be ready to spend lot’s of money and you’ll have the hardware to give you speed! and low rendering time

or you can always rent time on Supercomputer or cluster of 1000’s of PC but there is a cost to it

meanwhile PC’s increase in speed about 2X per 2 years so there you have it
by the way some of the science fiction movies with special effects generated on computer you see in theater or TV are done on supercomputer and each pic (30 / seconde) can take a few hours to render - but i guess that you cannot aford that!

If you don’t see it, it’s not there. And while there are no other integrated solutions, you might still want to look up Sunflow or Kerkythea. It’s a little more work, but you should never shy away from going an extra step.
Also, YAFRay is a good renderer. Perhaps you’re being overly critical?

I’ve just tried Yafray v. Blender Internal Render this morning and my impressions are more:

  1. Yafray is about 5 times faster then the Internal for what it renders. It takes profit of 100% of all disponible CPUs while the Internal takes max. about 20% of these.
  2. The Blender Internal renders all the materials and textures real good for my uses, Yafray doesn’t (it only rendered the displacements and the transparencies and left the colored procedural textures behind… Don’t know what i should do to avoid this issue…)

It’s just one of my first approaches. But i have the “feeling” that the Internal renderer could just be optimized in it’s multiprocessing and everything would be far out.

hey yafray is cool, still is but its the smoothness that can give problems, and it’s not as fast as others ( yet ) and does not support proxy ( yet ). But thanks to the chaps who built it, lets hope development speeds up to keep with the other boys, indigo, kerkethea, vray …:RocknRoll: