Looking for Laptop Advice for Blender Game Engine and 2.8

I haven’t been keeping up with the technology and I’m not looking to get fleeced now that I’m looking to buy a laptop. All the dedicated graphics card names are confusing and I don’t know which manufacturer is making high quality products anymore. So basically I’m asking what brands and models should I be shopping for the best bang for my buck. My budget is $800 - $1000. Maybe more if the thing is just super phenomenal or something.

At the very least tell me which processor and graphics cards I should be going for if you can. Thanks!

For laptops you should not always look at specs, at least not these days. Cause every manufacturer tries to compete by pushing the price as low as possible, so its a matter of making compromises to stand out among the others.
You should look for use case.

What do you want to do with your laptop? How important is battery life; weight; noise; thickness(portability); speakers etc.

And - Does it have to be a laptop? Cause you can get a significantly better system if you go desktop for the same money - with easy upgrade ability in the future.

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I’ve also gone ahead and moved the thread to #support:technical-support

Thanks for the advice but no offense I already know that I want a laptop, the ability to carry it around or to go outside with one is something that I’ve become addicted to and I can never go back to desktops ever again. Besides that fact, if you buy a used laptop on ebay the price becomes comparable if not less than that of a brand new desktop - and that’s precisely my intention. Right now I’ve been looking for 15 minutes and I see a laptop that is listed as $1600 new that is being sold used for $800 on ebay. So yes I was asking specifically about the two things I don’t know about which is the meaning of the new processors and graphic cards because I haven’t been keeping up with them.

Oh none taken, just making sure, cause a lot of people tend to stick to laptops cause they are used to it, without even considering a desktop :slight_smile:

Same argument can be applied to buying used parts off of ebay for a desktop, but moving on.

You need to be more specific, you say you want to carry it around. Do you mind the bulk and weight? Or do you want something slick and slim?

I only care about reliability and performance. I have been lugging around a tank like elite book for a while and I love it because I’ve dropped it on the concrete before and it didn’t even dent. So whether it’s light or heavy I really don’t care at all. I’m a big boy, I can handle it :wink:

I would keep an eye on the Gigabyte P series. Im expecting the prices of these to drop soon, and they are more then Blender capable. (I have one - i dont recommend things i havent used)

The problem with alot of laptops is that they are made cheap from bargain trolly components, and they are flimsy. Not so with the Gigabytes.