Looking for large detailed cities to use in BGE (and models of city parts)

BGE’s easy to use interface made me eager to make a few games of my own. I’m barely a modeller and texture maker however, even if I can do basic things in Blender. One of my plans is to try making some high-quality games using cars and cities (similar to Grand Theft Auto or Need For Speed). Not sure how far I could get with something that complex, but it’s something I’d like to try sometime.

Finding Blender models of cars and people shouldn’t be too hard… especially since many racing games were already made in BGE. But I don’t know where I could find any large, detailed and complex cities for Blender (or buildings / parts to make one with).

So I’d like to know if anyone is aware of such a thing. I’m looking for free to use cities that are detailed and of high quality (from ground level, like those in GTA or NFS). Mainly roads and buildings, since objects like street lights or trash cans should be easy to make and place around. I’d like the cities to be as large as possible, since I’d like to have a big area to play with (not sure how BGE can handle performance with that though).

Apart from whole cities, I’d like to know if there are any models of textured buildings as well, that are easy to use and connect with roads. So if anyone knows of such things, that would be very helpful. Thanks :slight_smile:

You could try the “Suicidator City Engine” for quickly generating a base design for your city. It should be easy to find in the new released scripts and addons forum.

I’ve never used it and I’m not sure of compatibility with newer Blender versions, but results seem pretty impressive.

That does look pretty good! Sadly, the models it comes with aren’t very high quality from what I’m seeing. And I think it’s mostly optimized for far away cities, not ones you view from ground level. It also doesn’t seem to place any roads, although I did see a demo that has some roads as well.

Although I could use such an engine, I can do the placement manually too. What I need most are the assets though (high quality textured buildings especially). Assets that work with that city engine sound great too.