Looking for lighter to join our team

My name is Jilmar, I’m a professional animator with experience in films and video game cinematics. I’ve always used Maya through my whole career but recently I made the decision to start learning Blender because I have been really inspired with the latest films created with it.
I have animated a shot in Blender (around 10 seconds long) with feature film quality animation because I’m building a small team of artist to create big things for big clients as a cloud based studio and I want to showcase this high quality animation with some great lighting to show we can get really close to film quality. We have a few artists in our team already, and if you are a great lighting artist we would love to have you join our team! and reason I pick eevee is because it looks to be the most convenient for a cloud based studio.

Here is the test, well the first pass blocking of the test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3Wqq7sIDPk

Raul Rig by David Rodriguez

You can get the idea of poses and performance. I’m already in the last stages of it and polishing tiny details, once I have this animation finalized and rendered, I would love to share it with the Blender community so you can study the animation and lighting! If you are interested let me know here, And check out more of my work to get familiar with the quality of stuff I produce at my website: www.jilmar.weebly.com
If things go well and we pick up clients, we will definitely have paid work for you in the future!


Hey, i’m interested to light for you. I’m mainly an environment and texture artist, but I can also light.
Here’s my artstation if you want to check out some of my work. https://www.artstation.com/graphie72

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i got this stuff

Thank you all who replied to this. Means a lot that people are willing to donate their hard work and skills to this project. Will share it with you all once it ready for the public!