Looking for local Maryland Blender guru for small 3D modeling project


I am looking for a Blender Buddy near my location (Columbia, Maryland, USA) that would be willing to guide me in the creation of a 3D model. I write software for a living and know the basics of 3D modeling. I’ve used POV-Ray before, and I consider myself a pretty quick learner. I could probably work through a bunch of tutorials and eventually do this task on my own, but I’d prefer to have a mentor work alongside me to teach me the ropes and instantly answer my questions. I just need a local guiding hand to walk me through the process of creating my object using Blender. Shouldn’t take more than one or two sessions IMO, but perhaps I’m being overly optimistic. We can perform the work either at my house or yours.

I wish to model the cane handle used by Professor Ozpin in the animated web-series RWBY. I’ve attached a picture of said cane handle below. In my estimation, it appears to made up of three distinct parts: the slender grip handle, the larger cylindrical “hilt” that contains the gears, and the boxy-angled hand guard. The embossed filigree on the handle does not need to be modeled.

My ultimate goal is to construct a 3D model of this object in such a way that each of those three pieces can be used by a 3D printing company (such as Shapeways) to print an actual physical model. I have no deadline, but would like to start on this project sometime within the next three months. And although I am asking for a volunteer, I’d be more than happy to take my mentor out for a victory dinner celebration once we complete the project.

If I have to travel to your location for these sessions, I would prefer the distance to be less than a 30 minute drive from Columbia, MD – although longer distances aren’t necessarily a show-stopper.

I have used this forum in the past to find a Blender user and pay him to model me an Everlasting Gobstopper, and was very pleased with his work. This time around, however, I’d prefer to actually be more involved in the process of the actual modeling. Hence, this request for more hands-on assistance.

Thank you for your consideration.

maybe i can help you, i am freelance 3d artist, live in Bandung, Indonesia. i will give the tutor by teamviewer. thanks

I could help you through any web program or skype.

Thanks, but I’m hoping to still find someone who can tutor me in person. If I am unable to do so, then I will consider going the “long-distance-via Skype” route.