Looking for Low Poly modelling advice

Hey, I’m trying to model a low poly character for the first time, but I’m struggling quite a bit since it’s the first time I’m legit trying to model one. However, it needs to be low poly, PS2 era Low poly.

I’m doing a small challenge to create a game in two weeks using everything made by myself, and while generally rocks, trees, etc has been straight forward, I’ve hit a brick wall with the characters.
I’ve tried Sculpting in the past and I didn’t really like it, it feels like it’s something that it’s just going to take years to become good at, and I’m not an Artist, I’m a game dev.

So any help would be appreciated, it is very difficult to find information on this as I only find Sculpting courses or tutorials but I need actual poly modelling or edge modelling. And the part that I’m struggling with the most, is the face. I can do the body mostly fine, but when I reach the head, everything goes wrong.

Any suggestions to videos or advice is greatly appreciated!

Watching vids on this channel might help you out.

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Keep it very simple and let the texture add the detail.

That might just be what I was looking for! Thanks!

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