Looking for low RAM footprint 2D app

I’m looking for a Windows xp compatabile program with low memory overhead to do very simple operations on very large images.

Basically I need to be able to open, rotate and resize TIF images that are 12K by 16K and resave as RLE compressed TIF or tga.

Thanks in advance



you are looking for a program that can edit a half gig image without loading the entire thing?

I don’t belive such a program exists… it would be possible to write one but it would probably totally trash the disk cache [you’d use fseek instead of pointers to refrence the image or the output image]

Thanks for the replays!

Fligh, Thanks. I looked at vxnview & while its footprint with no image loaded is smaller than photoshop elements (8MB vs 38MB), its actually larger when an image is loaded (596 MB vs 500MB) for same image).

Z3r0d, What I’d like to do is avoid alot of swaping to disk (perhaps that’s what I should have asked for itsead of 'low memory footprint"). ideally, I’d like an app/utility that reads an entire image into memory, and when it applys a transformation to an TIF image writes the result directly to disk as to a new & different TIF file. As I write this, I realize the problem with this approach is when I want to do more than 1 transformation (e.g. rotat & then resize).

Guess there’s no substitute for more ram & faster computer.

I think more RAM, 1or 2 Gig will do. I just did an example, I’ve bumped up 1024 image to 16k x 12k and it run smooth even with Yafray rendering going in background. I can do resize, rotate, share, sharpen without problems. And I have 1 Gig RAM.