Looking for Mac user for testing an add-on.

I’m looking for a mac user to do a little bit of testing for me for an add-on I’ve developed. You will need to have knowledge of the mac’s file system and console commands. To test this add-on you will have to create a directory, copy 2 files to the new directory, edit one file to reflect you system’s file paths, and install the add-on in blender.

I will provide you with a small set of test .blend files for testing. These files will need to be changed to reflect your system’s file paths. You will then need to issue 3 console commands to start one of the new files copied to your system. Then report back to me the results and any error messages produced. Error messages will be issued thru blender’s console window or they may come from your OS.

Basically, this add-on will issue a few commands to your OS to copy files and start a program. I have tested this myself on windows & linux systems, and have given copies of this add-on to a few users on windows and linux systems, and all tests have worked properly.

From what I can tell, mac osx is basically a unix based OS, just like linux, but there might be small differences that I am not aware of, therefore I would like to test this out a bit before releasing it to the blender community.

What will you get in return? A new iPad!!! Just joking!! :stuck_out_tongue: You will be helping me bring a useful add-on to the point that I will release it to the whole blender community so any interested users can use it.

If you’re interested, please reply to this thread or send me a pm.