Looking for map script

Hey, I’m looking for a script that will allow me to put a realtime map into my game, showing the positions and orientation of the characters. I tried searching. If you find it where I didn’t, that just means you’re better at searching than I am.

I don’t know of such a script

but when I first tried to make a mouse script I found how easy it could be [except for the rotation part, which seems pretty easy still though]

okay, so you have each of your pointers as a child of your map object. when they are at the origin, they end up at the origin of your map

then you just position them using python [and rotate them], and scale your map and rotate it as necescary so when the child of the camera it fits on the screen as you like

and that is about it

I don’t see a reason why your un-scaled map even has to be smaller than the actual world, it would make the script more simple.

about all the script would need to do is associate the position and rotation of the actual object, with the cursor on the map.

rotation might be a bit interesting, but I guess you could use setOrentation with the same orientation if parent/child relationships aren’t messed up by it [I’m not aware that they are]

I was just going to say it sounds too hard, but that sounds pretty good.
Maybe even to take it a bit farther. Make a plane exactly below the world plane. Make marker characters, probably much larger, and parent them to their counterparts. Maybe that’s what he said, but I don’t think you would even need a script unless there was scaling involved. Then set a camera up much higher.

It’s very easy to do using the get/set orientation and position method.

You’d need to manually configure it to your game though. I don’t know of any generic scripts for this.

It gets a little tricky when you are dealing with enormous worlds and multiple scenes, but for a small simple map it’s very easy to setup.

This would just be a simple map, I just want to make an arena with two characters in it, but I want to make the view jump around a lot, so to make it easier for the players, I want to add a map that shows them where they are.

I don’t really know python yet unfortunately, would anyone care to make a demo file? [/wounded donkey]

BTW, would it be possible to put the map in an overlay scene?

I have an other Idea:
Put a red Arrow an the Characters Head. Make a Plane above the Scene with a Texture of it. Or an other Texture, maybe a Sketch-Map. And Ortho Cam above the Map-Plane now, and that’s it. To view the Map is just switch to that Map-Camera.
Oh, do You want a Fullscreen Map?

I want a small map that will hover in the corner of the screen

Your characters will probably be moving around the center of origin on the x,y plane. That has to be interpreted to the x,z plane with a different point of origin and scaling. An overlay might be easier, but I haven’t used one yet. It’s a little trouble and even if someone provided a demo it would have to have adjustments for size, location, and scaling, in order for you to use it. It’s probably time to start boning up on your Python.

Hi i threw together a working example of how it could be done.
hope it helps.


there seems to be some trouble with the previous link. So i’m gonna try it another way. (its for the map example i made)

Siegel, that’s great, but I need one that also shows the orientation (rotation) of the character. Is that possible? And it needs to work for two players.

Ame example with orientation will work on script later so you can easily implement it in any game. but not right now :wink:
alternate url:

i agree with doc holiday’s way, render an image of your scene from the top, uv/map it on a plane above your scene (the same size) and put an arrow (pointing to where the player look, but constrained in xy plane) parented to the player on top of the plane and add an ortho cam that u can zoom/pan to position your minimap on an overlay scene.
u can make a minimap like in duke3d with wire/image background modes
that’s the easyest way

Siegel, that’s great, but I need one that also shows the orientation (rotation) of the character. Is that possible? And it needs to work for two players.

You can use the getOrientation() and setOrientation() method exactly the way he used get and set position. You don’t have to worry about scaling with orientation so you can just plug the variable right in. I know I say this a lot, but learning python will improve your games. If you study python and use that script as a starting point, you’ll be programming in no time. I just notice this non programmers tutorial for python if you have trouble with it:
Believe me, you can write programs exactly like any of these other guys. It’s not hard. Overlay scenes did make it an easy problem. First time I had a chance to look at them. Very cool.

Doc holiday’s method won’t work with a small overlay map, since you can’t have 2 active cameras in a scene at once. It is a good method for full screen maps though.

For 2 players you just need separate variables for each.



Use 2 separate scripts to get each of these variables from the players.

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