looking for md3 export with animation

Unitl now, I used the md3 exporter written by TR3B (http://www.planetgargoyle.com/openarena/tools/blendermd3.zip) but now i ran into a problem:

I have modeled and animated my character in blender, the animation is done by bones and actions which are inserted into the frames with the NLA editor. Now I wanted to export the animation into the md3. The problem is, that the exporter exports the right amount of frames, but only the position of the first frame, duplicated in the other frames.

Is there an exporter around, that exports such things correctly (one that bakes the boneanimation into the right vertex positions, i know that md3 has no bones)
I would also be satisfied, if i could “bake” the animations into different vertex positions in blender (doing keyframe animation with vertices doesn’t work in 2.41)

I hope i chose the right subforum for this question.