Looking for members (Virtual Cybertronic)

Virtual Cybertronic is looking for members

We are a small group of Blender / UDK game developers. The programs we use for this purpose are Blender, Unreal X-Editor, various sound programs like Audacity and Magix Sound Studio and the file transfer program Filezilla.

What is our goal:
We work with UDK on a game that involves futuristic as well as middle-aged elements which are linked together by a storyline.

The current members are:

Kirill (21)
Founder of the group, modeling, texturing and engagement with the UDK

Jonas (20)
Co-founder of the group, sound, menu, level design, environment, scripting and web-programming

Mark (21)

Alexander (17)
Modeling, animation and scene-setting.

Our achievements:
We are working on our project since 2012 and we collected about 300 models in the UDK. Additionally, we have a collection of professional tutorials around the UDK and Blender as well as an own web server with 135 GB full of textures, models which we gathered from other sources as well as our own creations.

Our progress:
On our Facebook page you can see our progress and some scenes that have already been realised with models:

and a new site (status: still in progress):

For more pictures and impressions just ask the makers of this post.

Who can join us:
Anyone with basic knowledge of one of the following programs:

Unreal X-Editor (UDK scripts)
Blender (or various other 3-D programs)
Sound programs (Magix Music Maker, Audacity, etc.)
Mapping tools (SSBump, Gimp-addon, etc.)
-Celtx (Contains the entire storyline in text and image)
2D programs (Gimp, Photoshop, MapZone, etc.)

What are the requirements:
Everyone who has enough knowledge of one of the programs above and is of age above 15. It is also important to have regular contact with the team. We prefer “Skype” for communication.

Also, you should be already familiar with the topic “Game development” because such projects take a long time to develop. A certain understanding of this requirements is necessary because a lot of projects have been canceled due to lack of commitment of the group members. We make the game as a hobby and perhaps commercialize it one day.

Interested? Contact Kirill as a candidate for the game and if you have questions or comments to this post or for the entire work, get in touch with “xxdeathskillxx” or “FxT Black Master” (Kirill) in Skype.
If there is missing information, DO NOT report in this thread. Send a PM to the creator of this post.

Thank you for your interest.

Contact over Google Doc

The Virtual Cybertronic-Team.

I am twelve. Can I please help?

Write a personal message to me.
Usually we do not take members below 16 years, like I told this in the post, but if you are good in 3D-Art, so we give you a change.

I do blender. Take a look at my profile on blendercookie.com. My name is CALEB HUIZENGA. You can search the members. Also check out my wip for an image. Look at my profile and click latest threads by blenderjunkie.