Looking for Mentor - Paid hourly - Highly Photoreal Archviz


I`ve been working with 3D for the past 4-5 Years with Max,Blender,Maya - mostly real time related in military sim ( which is frustrating currently ) - so I*m trying to push my work/skills in offline rendering and recreating this Render here to get a local job in archviz.


However im having a hard time to achieve a very realistic look regarding the paint, especially the way it slopes the cube in its texture ( tried substance designer but the texture size [4k] doesnt seem to be enough )

I*m looking for a Mentor that is mainly doing archviz for a few hours of mentoring over the next weeks regarding shading/lighting and maybe compositing best practices for Blender.

Current Wip

Please send me a message with your current porfolio or other past teaching experiences to [email protected] if youre interested.

Looking forward to hear from you,