Looking for Miror modifier tutorial

A few days ago I saw a short description of how to use the mirror modifier to make bilateral symetry. Now I can’t find a good tutorial on how to model using the mirror modifier. Please point me in the right direction. TIA


Adding and using the Mirror Modifier is pretty easy.
First, you must have at least some part of your model started.
Next, make sure you are in Edit Mode in the Editing menu (F9).
Finally, go to the Modifiers tab and click on the “Modifiers” button and select “Mirror”.
If you want to know what some of the options do in that modifier, just hover your mouse over the button and a nifty description will pop up…
Hope this helps, happy blending!

Thanks, that is a good start. I do recall seeing a tutorial somewhere…
I didn’t include a screen dump because I’m not working on a model now, but since you mention it, here is one I abandoned because it has an unsightly crease.

Thought I’d start a new model and do it right :o

All you need to do to get the crease out is to go into edit mode, press a twice (once to deselect everything, second to select everything), then press the space bar and go down to (working from memory here) Edit>Normals>Recalculate to outside.