Looking for modeler / Animator. ( Lowpoly )


I am looking for someone to do me male and female character.
Low poly but pretty ones.
Also rigging and couple animations for both…


  • Idle.
  • Walk.
  • Run.
  • Jump upwards and forwards ( should be smoothly and nicely fit with walk and run animation ).
  • Crouch.
  • Aim / Shoot ( pistol or rifle or both ).
  • Getting Damage.
  • Death.

Also need few enemys.
Rigged and Animations.

  • Walk.
  • Run.
  • Crouch.
  • Getting damage.
  • Shoot.
  • Die.

Also need to have some armor or clothes on + uv mapped and named propelty.

Before you start doing anything bigger, post image of these models or any similiar at here with private message or under this post…

I will choose 1 person and also later on i might need his work again.

Also i would like to get rights for models all by myself, if game ever come’s modeler will be granded credits also…

I was thinking about 50$ - 65$ payment…

You will need to raise the budget at least 4 times for the female character alone, unless you want some amateur kids to work for you.
I’m just saying. :slight_smile:
Good luck though.

I was thinking about rainbows and unicorns.

You must be satisfied with us.We do male and female characters in high quality!
Here they are:http://game-silkroad.com/game_en/case.html

Perhaps someone could erase this topic…

This has been ended…
I found Character rigged and 48 animations ready made for totally cheap…

Thx for all.