Looking for Modeler (cont)

I previously posted a thread saying that i was looking for a modeler however that thread was closed before i could even respond to it which to me is kind of stupid.

Even though everyones responses were amusing, they were not responses i needed.

The project i am working on is not just some simple piece of crap as you may think it is, i am very serious about this project and simply was looking for some help.

I DO have some screenshots of my current work however it is not much and i would have sent those screenshots to whoever wanted them instead of having to post them within that thread.

Sincerely Nick

Can you post them here then…

just a simple question like that is all i needed :smiley:

This is the current state of the prison level (no textures yet)


This is the restaurant level (no textures either)


And These are a couple of the character sketches (not exactly what they will look like but a basic idea)





There are some other images that i have but these are the best so far…

Sincerely Nick

These are pretty good…i am impressed since i thought you were some dude with zero experience and some bucks to spare…but you proved me wrong…they are all great although the restaurant is abit confusing…i love the character sketches and im a fan of Darius there…the prison is nice and simply modelled which is good and will be easy to texture…too badd i cant join cause i am really busy…i wish you the best of luck
Oh and did you draw the characters…you got some talent…

thanks for that comment, trak wrecka.

thats alright… yeah the restaurant level is probably the least worked on of the levels and i do have about another 3 character sketches…but i dont need to post them ones :wink:

and i have been doing game design for some time now…but this is the first serious project i have worked on and if all goes well i do plan to get it on the shelves which i am sure i will be able to achieve in time, perhaps i should have posted those images in my first post to save some of the trouble lol…stupid me :rolleyes:.


LOL its ok…you should be a concept artist though…and work on your 3d then…i would really like to see those other characters too…

nah…i am always going back and forth working on this project doing different things so i don’t have time to just work on 3d. There is other people that are working on this project as well, only thing i am short of is a modeler since that is not my specialty (im no good at modeling lol) and one of my friends recommended this place to look around and now i can see why. Some of the work on here is amazing :wink:

If you want to see the other characters i will post them soon enough…just need to see if i get any one interested in the job first.