Looking for modeler(s)

Hi, first of all, please let me apologize for my English it’s not my native language.

I am looking for modeler who want to help with making game. It’s fantasy rpg on unreal engine 4, “medium” size project. The project is complete my idea but I am willing consider any idea. It is about 8 months in development now.

This is not offer of paid job.

I am working on this project in my free time and thinking about it as my hobby. So I am looking for someone who is interested in creation some decent game as hobby too.

I have made decent progress but still lots of work remain. Now I am in phase where game starting get shape and need some graphic models and I am less than complete beginner in 3D modeling.

Feel free to ask any question if you think you are interested in cooperation.

Best regards

hello, good day
am Good at modelling, texturing, rigging and am getting better more and more thanks to God.
so if you like you can check some of the things I mad here alsalamvision.artstation.com

best regard