Looking for Modeler to do a Mesh Cleanup

Hi Guys, I’m looking for an experienced modeler who can clean up a mesh for me.

It’s a CAD model, imported into Blender. You basically just need to clean up the model, make the surfaces look smooth and the edges nice and sharp.

Here are two images of the model, so you can get a rough idea on what you are up against:

I guess it’s a pretty small job if you are a good modeler. If you’re interested in cleaning this model, please contact me. If you have a portfolio/reel or some place where you share your previous work, I’d appreciate to see that!

Thank you,

Hey richard I can do the job for you fast, very clean mesh, and for a cheap price!

to get it to looks smooth just select the object you want and click on the “smooth” button under shading style. To get edges to look sharp just select the object then hit tab to go into edit mode and add a loop cut near the edge that you want by pressing ctrl+R. If you are talking about re-topology so it has less polygons then that’s a different story.

Sent you an email.

good luck cutting a loop in that fully triangulated mesh…

Alright guys, thanks so much for the replies! I found someone to do the job :slight_smile:


I can do it, see the following for an example of recent work

Write to [email protected] if you want to discuss your job.

It needs to be said from time to time. This is not a support forum. This is a job posting forum that is it.