Looking for Modeler!!!

Dear Community,

I am in need of a modeler to model weapons for my current project. Unfortunately i cannot pay for this job as i do not have any money, however on completion of the project i will be glad to give money from commission to you for your work if you wish.

The modeler i need will need to be able to produce good quality guns (it is an fps) and also texturing.

If you wish to know more about my project or the job feel free to send an email to [email protected]

Sincerely Nick (Silent_Assassin)

p.s the modeler will need to have msn for consistent communication…

A Factory…

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I know, Social.
Dr. Evil is behind this, together with assistant, Mini-me.

Hmmm. MSN for constant communication. Sounds like a professional.

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eh hallo, Social, Charlesworth999, Pixelmass? He is looking for a modeller, not some people who talks about him!.. please keep on topic, thanks:rolleyes:



This may have been greeted differently if you actually had something to show for your game project. No screenshots, no music, no content at all. What do you expect? Plus, what exactly would you be doing? Perhaps kicking back and enjoying the work of others?

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