Looking for Modelers and Animators for a 3D animated show

Hello I have posted on here several times but I am still looking for 3D modelers and animators.
The Show-
The show is called Vida and it is set inside a fantasy video game. It borrows the basic concept of Sword Art Online, the Matrix, and other works like that but the story is all original by myself. I am the writer and director, and would work with you step by step.
There are 5 main characters:
Virgil- The mage
Cormac- The archer
Gabriel- The knight
Syrus- The muscle
Kendrick- The thief
The five of them are unique and work together to do things that often take many more Players. They interact with new and exciting people that they meet in the game and work together to take down the game’s monsters.
There are nine realms in the game and each season would take place within one realm. The realms are defeated by killing the leader of each realm. In order to find the leader, the team must defeat a random number of Lieutenants that guard the location of the mentioned leader. Each realm also has a specific design quality like Greek or Egyptian mythology.
What I need-
I need animators who are wishing to see their work come to life in a venue like YouTube. I need the models of all the characters, locations, and monsters. I have the majority of the designs I would like but most of it is creative freedom to an extent. I basically will tell you the general idea, any important character traits, and you will have creative freedom over the rest.
If you are an aspiring animator who wants to see their work come to life then please get in touch with me. I will work with you side by side and all credit for whatever you do will be addressed in the final product. If there comes a point where this product does make money in anyway, then compensation will be directed towards you.
Thank you and I hope to hear from you.