Looking for modelers and animators for Zombie Survival RPG

Hello everyone I am Philip Smyth and this is the first time that I have posted on this website.

    I am planning to create a zombie survival RPG in which every item found is important for your survival and the survival of those you may or may not encounter. I am a Freshman student studying Computer Science and over my Winter break have learned how to use the Engine JMonkey. Since I am only beginning my degree I am not the greatest programmer, however I am learning and I am hoping you can help me with this project. I am in need of asset creators, I have split the requirements below to try and simplify the process. 

Both the animator and modeler do not need to be professional or greatly experienced I feel it would be wrong to only demand perfect quality when I am not yet a qualified programmer. However work of decent quality is desired.

You will be responsible for creating weapons, items, characters, buildings etc for the game. If you have a preferred field (eg buildings) please state this. I am hoping for the art style to be like borderlands, so that is important to mention. If you have any previous models that you have created and feel comfortable sending them then please do so. Please note that mapping will be required to place textures within the engine (UV, normal, specular, diffuse mapping etc).

As animator it is your job to bring life to models. In particular this will be zombies (slow zombies of course) and survivors. I am in the process of implementing animation with the first person view, therefore if you have an animated model that has such an animation (eg a punch or block) then contact me so that I can effectively test it (the engine gives models in its library, however I would like to test animations from an external source), I will send you a link to the engines requirements for animations.

With regards to both positions, please state where your specific abilities are. Do you struggle with texturing? Are you good at rigging but find natural animation difficult? Please let me know. This will not lessen likely-hood of joining because I’m the one needing your help :slight_smile: It just lets me know how many people I need for one job or another.

I now want to say that I do not expect people to have this as their only focus. I am doing this as a project during my studies, therefore I understand when people need to study or do work rather than work on this.

Finally I want to ask when you would available to talk during the week. I am best suited Wednesdays and Fridays however I can work to suit others. Again its really to organize when everyone can talk together.

I have bored you all enough, so if you have any questions or want to contact me please add me on Skype: “Renegade_2312” or via email: "[email protected]"

Thanks for your time and have a nice day

What format of motion?
how destructible are the zombies?
I can code and animate, with logic, and I getting ok @ python
But I am busy for a while with my game (at the very least two weeks)

Not a problem, this will be done on the days that I am off from University so its not a full time thing.
As far as your questions go, I am unsure what you mean by format of motion. If you mean the zombies or characters then the characters will be fairly standard, and the zombies i think should have 3 forms of walking (not alerted, curious, alerted), with a variety of attack animations.

I would advice you to add me on skype to quicken my answering of your questions. Also if you want to take a look at the jmonkey documentation and tell me what you think. I am still learning it as well as java itself but I have a decent grasp of it.

Anyway have a nice day :slight_smile:

Well, I can rig and animate in bge, but I like using ragdoll motions,