Looking for Modelers and Animators of any level(For DeadMans Frag project)

Hello I am working on an FPS game right now and I am looking for more people to build a team.Heres the basic background of the games story.

Type: Other world First Person Shooter with rpg elements.

Background Story: A group of alien refugees have come to the Milky Way galaxy to escape from the universal invasion. They come to warn humanity of the impending doom and take refuge within our galaxy. The world has come to an alliance with the refugee aliens. With their advanced technology, the aliens have made a series of planets inhabitable, with some still remaining to live on earth. Earth trades technology and knowledge with the aliens and the aliens managing peace in the galaxy.

Years Later (Where you will play)
An anti-alien group was formed that wanted to get rid of the aliens in anyway possible. Now the invasion force has arrived .You fight for land and your galaxy and your cause.

Character Types:
Human- New soldiers of the Milky Way
Cat (Unnamed as of yet, bears a resemblance to) - are very proud creatures. Their planet land masses are covered with large jungles containing many large and dangerous predators. Their technology is not highly advanced but they have studied an ancient civilization’s technology and have used it to advance their own. They have large, long bodies which are very vulnerable. To overcome this issue, they invented armor that can extract and retract whenever they needed quick protection on their harsh planet. Being particularly slow and large, but still agile, they carry shield for secondary protection.

Horse (Unnamed as of yet, bears a resemblance to) - Their planet is largely covered in water; but this species largely dominates the land territory. Treasuring the land they have, their technology is built to coexist with nature and preserve this land they have. This causes them to use make fewer large scale weapon and more close quarters combat weapons. Weapons that that don’t have a large effect on the environment. They have very hard scales on their lower body which provides protection. The feathers on their backs are treasured as symbol of honor.
(coming soon hopefuly 3rd alien species and Android)

Here is is the link to the thread for more information about the game and the progress.

If you have any question ill be glad to hear them and answer you as best i can.

The linked thread is very interesting and the game sounds awesome
but what version of blender are u using ?
and how long would you have to have used blender to join this team?

I am using the most current version 2.48. It doesn’t matter that much how long you have been using blender . I am accepting people of any skill level with blender.

You can just say it’s about Deadman’s Frag Project. I even thought for a moment you started a new project.

BTW, I helped you a lot more then some of your team members, so am I now part of the team?

You can see my Blender work samples in my signatures. I am interested in the work.

Doggie_B - that’s very true, I just didn’t know if you wanted to be considered part of the team since you have you own game project going but if you want to , I would gladly add you to the team.

kkrawal - I would be overjoyed if you join in this project your animation skill are amazing and i can tell your also very skilled in modeling as well.:smiley:

i would love to do some modeling for u guys
This is some of my work in progress

Looks very good, but can you also model low-poly?

i just started doing that in more recent projects
but i cant reveal those yet

plus the batman model is “mid-poly” if anythng
the superhero man model is high poly

ill help
this is some of my work

zix and valek27 both of you are very good modelers if you would like to join please pm me