Looking for modelers (medieval/fantasy themed demo map)

I am working on a small medieval/fantasy themed game project. I’m not that great with modelling so i’m looking for a team for this. The goal of this project is to create a world in wich we can show our qualities to someone i know who could help further with future projects. The map won’t be that big (not like Azeroth or Tyria) but im aiming for a map size wich can be explored in less than half an hour. So that means max 2 towns. I will create the map and lanscapes. So i’m only looking for modelers.

So what i need is:

  • Town models (houses, churches, walls, smaller objects like barrels, planks and such)
  • Landscape models (mostly trees)
  • Castle models

I’ll also make vids of the map and the progress with names of the modellers and wich model they made. I won’t forget the people who help me with it :wink:

Note: This isn’t a paid project, however if we can finish this project and it is good enough it it might be in the future.

Have you done anything yet? I might be interested

i can help