Looking for modelers / team members (payment when/if we complete the project)

Hello, everyone! My brother and I are trying to find additional team members to help with game development. We really need modelers who are good with any of the following:
-human models
These are not requirements. We are looking for anyone who wants to make a video game.

We are really easy going and dont have a specific artistic vision. You would have the freedom to create pretty much anything. We arent tight on schedules or anything, so you can pretty much do this at your own pace.

We are from Wichita Kansas, and would prefer to find someone who was relativily close, but this is not a requirement.

Neither if us are extremely experienced when it comes to game development, but everyone has to start somewhere.

We are hoping to put this game on sale at some point, and you will be given your share of payment at that point, depending on how much we make.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


Did you go to school? You know what common courtesy is?
Ahhh… should be a sticky somewhere:***How do I Introduce Myself and not Look Like An Idiot?

I am currently in college, and my brother is a little younger than me. Sorry, I forgot to include that in the description.

As for your second question, I’m not exactly sure what you mean…

You are new here. You are visiting college. Everything revolves around you, your needs. Yet still no introduction?

Human tends to not trust just anyone. For example see distrust & fear that ‘trust worthy’ politicians propagate via ‘immigrant crisis’ toward another person who is same as you or me. And in this particular case you are considered as an ‘immigrant/foreigner/barbarian/alien’.

To answer your questions:
Am being sarcastic, to show how your attitude conforms with me. Questions are rhetorical.
What is… Common courtesy / Etiquette

To get some trust, honesty and help, you should give some… Can also look for examples at some projects on kickstarter.
To recruit or enlist ppl for your game-making-network venture you should at least offer your best self.

Have a nice day

You should provide some information about the game. Models, drawings, pictures and videos it played if you wanna make someone interested. Try to do some small game first that needs only 2 of you. Then when you have some experiences, you can start doing bigger games.