Looking for modelers/texturers/animators

Hi , I am from EXM games and indie videogame development company, I’m looking for several texturers and animators for a sidescroller game, retro style more or less like megaman.

The team is already assembled and working

Programmer 1/1
Modelers/Level Designers 5/6
Composer 1/1
Concept Artists 2/2

We can build the game already (and we are working on it), however I’m here looking for new members that are good at texturing and animating so we can speed up the development process, and of course they will get their share of royalties too.

For the missing Modeler, he must know how to use UDK.

For more info about us, check indie db and google exm games or Strikers of the Exile (our core project). This sidescroller game is called AfterWar Blast ! and is for all the audiences, specially for the retro fans, it is still not listed in our games list because we have not made the game public yet, along other ones we are working on.

Thanks for your time everyone.

If you are interested please shoot me an e-mail to [email protected]

Please take note that this is a royalty project.

Also check some material of our core project: http://www.moddb.com/games/strikers-of-the-exile