Looking for Modeling and rigging artist


I’m making a Street Fighter Film and I’m looking for a modelisator who can modify existing model to photo-realistic texture and do the Inverse Kinematics Rigging.

Please note that the rigging has to be in Inverse Kinematics as my animation artist only work with it.

Currently i’m making the short film which involve only 2 characters. The production is reaching middle stage. The model that offer by the modelisator giving us a bit of headache in the rigging part, causing us loosing much time on filming. So i’m hoping to look for better competent modelistor for the future episodes.

Feel interested in my project please come visit my patroen page below, i’m hoping to get people who interested in my works to support.

For those who willing accept the job, i paid the previous modelisator around USD 50 - 70 per character.

If invested for the modeling and rigging works, please kindly offer me or contact me at [email protected]

Thank you.

For 70$ I could opend the file, check it and make a quote for the rest of the job…


Hey Horng_Horizons,

for most people here, including me, your offer is not up to standards of payment. I’m speaking as someone living and working in Europe, and it might be different in other places - but even compared to indian standards (of which I only have a rough idea) this seems quite low.

Wishing you the best in your endeavour,


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I understand that the budget is low. But for the total of around 25 characters there will be quite a lot for me unless i manage to get more supporter…

Anywhere, there are quite some artist who can do the job at this budget in CGtrader, but most of them not using blander, that’s why i’m thinking to try search for artist here^^.

Thanks for your kind feedback.