Looking for Modeller/Animator for 3D ARPG

I’ve been making games in Unity for a while.
Here is a link to my games:

I’m currently making a 3d ARPG. I need someone to handle the modelling and animation work.

Artstyle wise it will low-poly/stylised(similar to Curse of The Dead Gods).

I’m handling all of the programming. The core combat stuff is already implemented. Gameplay wise, my goal is to have fast paced action gameplay like Hyper Light Drifter mixed with resource management like in Soulslike games.

This is how it looks currently:

For now, I really need someone to model the player and enemies. At least enough to make a proper demo. 2 different models for the player with same rig and animations(story related reasons) and 3 enemy variations. Environment assets are a lower priority right now.

There is also a certain VFX I want to have for the game. It is already implemented with unity shaders but you will need to do some extra texture painting on your end to make it work. Nothing complicated.

You will get a share of any revenue the game makes according to your work.

If you are interested, contact me here or in discord @Wagnerok#3261

The game looks like fun. This is a good pitch to get help with a project. I’ve seen people trying to get help with their game and have nothing of the game to show. This is way better. Would you be willing to use premade assets like Unity Chan?

Without getting into too many details, there is a demon/spirit possession mechanic in the game and the player and the demon share the same rig and animation is because the possession is visualized by the demon model “overlayed” over the player during the animation. The problem with using premade assets(like unity chan) is that the demon model also needs to have a similar build for it to not look ridiculous when overlayed. Free 3D models vary greatly in size and other aspects so it’s hard to find a matching pair of models for the player and the demon that are also free.

I’m currently just using the same simple model for the both of them with a shader to displace the demon version slightly to prevent them from overlapping completely(and clipping through each other) However, that doesn’t look very convincing. That’s why I’m looking for someone to make custom models that work well together.

I could use free models for enemies but simple shapes make it easy for me to iterate. The player model has a higher priority.

There should be an easy way to disable the one model and enable the other model. Maybe have a puff of smoke in between so it looks better. In Unreal there could even be a transition done with shaders where the materials of the one model would fade out as the materials from the second model faded in. I’m not familiar with Unity though.

There could also be only a texture swap where only the texture is changed so they look more demonic with glowing eyes and more darkness. Maybe a little cloud at their feet could appear and follow them when a demon.

In fact I do something very similar. I use a dissolve shader for the demon model with a texture mask. The demon is not the same person as the player and there will be multiple demons. So simply texture swapping on the player to make him more demonic is not an option.

Anyways, the effect isn’t particularly hard and the details aren’t really all that relevant. I just came up with while playing around with shaders and I want to keep it because I like it. If you(or anyone else) want to work with me but don’t like the effect then that is also fine.

I am not so great, but I would love to help you model the player and enemies. Please give me a rough sketch of those 3D models you need and I will try to help you with it. Your game looks very interesting. I would like to be a part of it too if I can

Your prototype looks great. I would be interested in helping with the rigging/animation task, which is what I’m specialized in. Please let me know if you need help with that.

Let me know if you still need help making any assets. I’m pretty decent with modeling. I’d love to help with a project like this.

Welcome Yukken to the blenderartists forum.
Its nice to se good post like this, that shows how a simple concept can make people move and want to help. Not many understand how a couple of squares and a ball can show a potential in an aidea. Good luck in the project. And i hope to see more updates and people posting this kind of requests.