Looking for modellers for new 3D anime style project!


Recently I joined a network of artists who want to do an anime style short series using 3D animation and software like Blender, Maya, MMD, PMD, PMX, Unreal Engine and Source Filmmaker. My specific talent in the group is script writing but we’re trying to find more people to help us. I made this forum topic to ask if anyone would be willing to help us with building characters.

As of now, the project is in its early stages with the script being halfway. We currently have an editor, a sound engineer/mixer, several voice actors and a director attached to our project, but we also need people skilled in building, texturing or rigging characters or even people who can create clothes. Every bit of support helps.

Our goal with this project to assemble a team of passionate people willing to spend their valuable time helping us to bring this passion project to life so we can tell a good, well thought out story.

If anyone is interested in helping or would just like to know more about the project such as story, length or character design, please let me know via PM.

Thank you for reading.

This is a follow up post of my last one. Since starting the thread, we have assembled several new members for the team, including a character modeler and a cloth modeller, completed work on three characters so far and are working on several maps for the series. We are still looking for more members, specifically folks who know either how to model objects to be placed in a map in Unreal Engine or can make maps in Unreal Engine.

We’re also accepting members who work in Unity, though we would like to eventually import maps created in Unity to Unreal Engine so knowing how to do that would be helpful.

We’re also looking for people who know about facial mocap, including it’s set up and it’s use.

If there is anyone who wants to join this project, please let me know.