Looking for modellers To join my team.

Hello, Firstly i’ll introduce myself briefly, My name is Bizla Cooper, I’m a turbosquid gold seller of 3D Assets, Ive been Modelling for around 7 years, and getting paid for it for around 3 years, It took nearly half of that time just to get known enough to have a livable income from selling stock models.

Here is what im aiming for…
I want modellers to join with me, Add your own models to my collection and you get paid for any that sell, What’s in it for me? I take a 5% cut in any sold model, what’s in it for you? Money! and getting started is not easy, it takes time, money and allot of patients, by joining with me your own models will get a higher place in search results due to myself already being a gold seller, Your Models will also be credited to you, you name will be put in the tags making your own models much easier to find. Get paid for what you enjoy, work from home at your computer, in time you may find that you can quit your day job (I did, and im living quite comfortably now)

What kind of person am I looking for?
Anyone with good modelling skills, being able to texture and rig aswell will mean your models will be sold for more money.
Preferably a portfolio, or some kind of way that you can show me that your work is up to standard my customers are looking for.
I will be paying through Paypal, so a PayPal account is NEEDED.
Someone with a back catalogue of models lying around would be great, as the more you upload the higher your chances of having a model sold.
Must be able to speak english (or at very least know how to use google translate :P)
There is no set limit on how many models per week to make, just do as many as you can when you have time to.

There is also no limit on what models you wish to make, I understand different people specialise in different areas, so do what your good at.

Your Models will be uploaded to 4 sites, Turbosquid, 3Dexport, 3Docean and The3dStudio, payment varies from site to site but that will be worked out.

Payment will be traslated from any currency that paypal recognises.

If you are interested, sent me an email at [email protected] with your name, and a few details about why you would be good for this, aswell as a few examples of your own work.

I look forward to seeing what responses this gets, With care, Bizla.