Looking for Modelling Artist

Hi there,

we are looking for a modelling artist to create a “simple” charakter with a special touch. Right now we define the charakter with a illustrator. To see the main style of the character see the picture attached. But we are still working on it.

Why we need it?

We (me Jakob and a coworker Olaf) wanne shot a shortfilm in February where this charakter is taking part. In this movie a guy exchanges his identity with a mannequin (this character) from a parallel room on the side of his flat.

The movie is one episode of seven, which will guide a girl through our parallel universe to the creators of being.

See more at http://www.sevenstrings.net

We produce the movie from my savings, which are not enough to pay rates… So we need some people who see the fun part in it. And maybe do boring jobs as us (mainly cheap advertisement) and try to do cool stuff in this kinda project.

I am looking forward to hear from you!

Here one test we did. Next one with more interaction between real and 3D charakter is coming up soon.

BR, Jakob

I love you idea and I would love to participate.
You can send me more details via PM.