Looking for models to use during texturing classes

(I hope I am posting this in the right subforum, please let me know if I went wrong there.)

I currently teach a course about game development at the HBO Utrecht (don’t know the English word for it, College? Highschool?). The goal of the course if to let students get a sniff of all the aspects of game development, so we are not going into any detail anywhere. Last week I let them experience modelling in Blender and this week I am going to put them into texturing. Most of them have not modelled before, so the work in the first week will be pretty basic and I want to let them texture a ‘real’ model, so I am looking for a couple of models that I can use that are fully unwrapped (uv’s layed out) so that my students can just create a texture in Paint or Photoshop or whatever and see how it works out.

Now I myself am not an expert in Blender: I normally use 3dsmax and use Blender only when teaching courses, because Blender is small and free and just as good for learning 3D as 3dsmax is. So I am not accustumed to how importers and all that kind of stuff work in Blender, so I am asking here now in the hope that someone can help me.

Does anyone have one or more models that have nicely layed out texture coordinates for students to play around with?

Note that this could just as well be converted models from any existing game, if anyone happens to have any such thing lying around.

Thanks in advance!