Looking for motherboard advice...

i think its time to finally upgrade again, and i’m looking for some advice on any recomendations or starting points for motherboard choices.

these are the specs i will require:

Socket A
8x AGP
Parallel (and serial) ATA controllers
support for DDR 400 (PC 3200 +)

and anything else i might come up with

thanks for any help


Personally I would always go with an Asus m/b.

I first used cheaper ones and had no end of crashes etc…

Since I have been using Asus my systems have been rock solid.

Asus A7V8X-X-Lan 333MHz FSB Socket-A Motherboard
£33.42 inc. VAT (GBP)
Got everything you want except SATA, but for a few pounds more you should be able to find one with that. (note, if the processor is 333FSB the memory will only run at 333Mhz)


well, i dont care what you get as long as your promise to start posting your work back in WIPs and Finished work!

I can NOT recommend a MSI mobo, simply becouse the update software doesn’t work, plus the fan monitor software use too much CPU resources to be useful. Needless to say, I’m not using the MSI bundle software.

My next mobo will probably be, as suggested, a ASUS mobo without internal GFX. I have a little more faith in ASUS.

I hope that was atleast little helpful…

you could try http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/category/category_slc.asp?CatId=179

thinking about it, my mobo has basically what you want (this is actually a different version of mine; i have the “A” not the “B” but they’re pretty close)

I’ve tried others but I always cone back to Asus


[rant]I will take this moment to say that I think Tiger Direct is a nasty stinking bait and switch outfit, who, when I tried to straighten the situation out, merely shut me down and never did make it right. There attitude was like, “sue me”. I’ll never do business with them again I wouldn’t even recommend their web site.[/rant]
My sources are:

for good deals when you decide. Thank you for your patience on the slightly off topic addendum.

strangely TigerDirect has always been good to me…

Either way, you can never go wrong with www.newegg.com

Nice lead to newegg. Thanks!

okay, i’ve sort of nailed it down to about 3 or four different options, but i have a few questions.

  1. what are the differences between the VIA and the nVidia chipsets?

  2. is it worth upgrading from the XP3000 @ 333Mhz, to the XP3200 @ 400Mhz to make full use of my Fsb speed?

thanks for your help so far…

  1. The nVidia chipset is supposed to be extremely good from what I’ve heard, although VIA have never given me any trouble.

  2. Depends on the price gap. If it is a matter of 5% price hike, then personally I would go for it. A faster FSB should mean faster operation across the board. Think about it, weigh it up and then realise that it will still be an obscenely fast comp whatever you choose.

In fact your choice of operating system will make as big a performance difference.


DFI has been good to me, but I seem to have trouble with the AC’97 sound card. Maybe I don’t know how to set ALSA right.

the price gap is $75 NZD ($53 USD)

and i’ll stick with skinned and optimized winXP, just for convenience’s sake.

Al_Capone: I’ve had touble with ALSA in the past too… sometimes it would work, and sometimes it would say something like “no soundcards found.”
I think that’s more of a Linux bug/lack of support thing though.