looking for movies of comets

I’m looking for short movies of comets flying in space, not from the earth. It’s only to see the movement, colors, etc. A movie of a comet crashing in a planet would also be good.

I have never seen many comet movies, there so far away you really can’t see their movement that good. And the colors are dependant on where you are looking at them from. The earths atmosphere has a big effect on the colors that reach your eyes, so there’s no telling from normal pics. Also, one bit of data, the comets tail direction, is not only directed by the direction it is traveling, but also by the sun. Light wave do have a certain amount of kinetic energy, and the ions coming from the sun, so if it is flying away from the sun, the tail can also be blowing away but the whole thing still moving away.

I have one… i made it, if yo uweant to see, feel freeet o eamil me

nemesis, you talking about real ones or 3d ones?

it does’t really matter, but I was asking for real ones. This is the next thing I want to make in blender

I made some comet movies (early work). I think they are not very realistik.
If you want you can have a look at http://www.blender3d.de.vu .
The site is under construktion but you can download the movies.


fraja: I can’t download them, I get a 404 error.

One of the first Eps of Enterprise, Breaking the Ice, was to do with a comet, and had some BEAUTIFUL shots as well as close ups on the surface.
Just search for the title in kazaa and you’ll find the episode garunteed!!!
Hope that helps ya.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

A real movie (at normal speed, not time lapse) of a comet would be rather boring to watch. Comets, as small as they are compared to the rest of the Solar system, would seem to be sitting still. Yet they are immense objects compared to us. Ever watch the Nasa channel, when they show earth footage from the shuttles? Ever watched a hurricane on it? We know the winds are hauling ass at the eye, but the storm is so big time lapse is required to see motion. Comets of course are many times that in size, so they’re boring in live footage. Pretty much the same story for watching the comet travel through space- the scale is just to big for us to see motion. There are probably many exceptions, notably if one hits us. If it’s big enough to kill us, I just hope cnn isn’t rolling cameras.
Personally, I like the CG animations of things like the comet on Deep Space Nine, or whatever the heck it was on Armageddon (cometiod? asteromet?). It looked cool! You just have to find the right balance of real vs. cool, as applied to your project.
For the technical side of things, a good site to check out might be
It gives a list of common astronomical/technical errors in a large variety of modern films and television shows. You’ll be shocked (and disappointed) at some of them. :slight_smile:

The mind is a terrible thing to eat…

for me it works fine…
witch animation dont work (or all?)?