Looking for network testers

Hi everyone, i have a slightly unusual request:
I am unable on my setup to allow external access to my router, and the Server requires access to the assigned port (for me, port forwarding fails).
I was wondering if anyone could host the server, either with a working port forward setup (forward port 10000) or no firewall at all, in order for me to test out that this setup works over the internet?
Many thanks, agoose77
NB obviously we’d have to PM, because once your IP is out, well it’s out!

Actually, i’d like to be more specific:
has anyone a vps or computer with windows:
NB im NOT going to send you a virus:D and if you have a dynamic (not static) ip even better, then you don’t need to worry about sercurity!
Thanks very much.

I won’t be free till the weekend, if that’s fine then let’s game! :RocknRoll:


NB obviously we'd have to PM, because once your IP is out, well it's out!

Did I just post this without reading your first post properly?!? :eek: Shit, I can’t do much now other then laugh at my own mistake :lol:

Alright man, the weekend it is, i’ll get it all ready and prepared today and I’ll send you the PM on saturday morning.

PS. Just tried the server component blend, all worked fine with no erorrs!!

Thanks Krystof. By the way, other testers welcome, and/or if krysof doesn’t mind, testing more than one client?

Yeah, i don’t mind, let’s test it the best we can.

the ip is invalid :confused:

sorry man, I know i shouldnt have done it, but i turned on a game and my brain turned off :frowning:
I’ll do my best to stay away from the tempting entertainment of games, for the rest of the day ;]

Never mind!
Please skype me when you can test it, it appears you’re offline.

Hmm, i still need a host, (VPS preferred) on Windows again prefered of linux is fine.